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Mazzanti Automobili projects, develops and creates the real dreamcars of the clients: supercars which can be personalized in every detail by the client, unique objects as the attention and the passion which accompany their birth.

History of a SuperCar: EVANTRA

In 2011, after 3 years working side by side with designer Zsolt Tarnok, Luca Mazzanti has presented the first mid-engine   vehicle by Mazzanti Automobili, which is projected to be  produced in a small series, each example  personalized by   the owner, denominated: EVANTRA.

In 2013, EVANTRA has captured the attention of the main media of the world such as The Sunday Times and Agence France-Presse Al Jazeera and Evantra was the revelation of the Top Marques Monaco show wher it was presented in world premiere.

EVANTA n°01 and official has started production in 2014.

The pure design of the Evantra is also enriched by a stylish and functional aerodynamic package whose main purpose is exploiting every single cubic centimetre of air, making it a useful ally in increasing the downforce of the car at high speed and while cornering. 

The Evantra 771 represents the evolution of the Evantra concept, making it the best choice for those who love performance without getting rid of comfort.


" The creation of each Evantra is a unique and emotional experience for those who participate in the project such as for the client who follows the birth of the car in each phase. Evantra V8 was not born to please everyone, instead to be herself and to generate emotions with her character and exclusivity" L. MAZZANTI



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