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Alpine is a French car brand founded in 1955 by Jean Rédélé.

Manufactured in Dieppe’s factory in Normandie, Alpine cars have always excelled in racing competition.

The new Alpine A110 is enticing, light and fun, rekindling the spirit of the famed berlinette.

At its core, the Alpine A110 is a taut line drawn in a single stroke. It’s a skin wrapped ever so tightly around powertrain, lowered seating and centre of gravity. The expansive curved rear screen, and side panels with accent lines, highlight the pronounced wheel arches.

This is an automobile with fluid lines that make it appear magnetically attracted to the ground.

Alpine is back to claim its position in the sports car segment, with only one promise: driving pleasure. 


Alpine A110 (1962-1977)                                                    Alpine A110 First Edition (2017-)  

                                        Alpine Pure                           Alpine Légende





Alpine A110 Cup                   Alpine A110 GT4                        Alpine A110 Rally                          Alpine A110 Légende GT     

Following the Cup and GT4 versions, Alpine enriches its customer-competition portfolio with the A110 Rally. This version has received additional modifications to meet all the rallying specificities.
Designed and developed by Signatech from Alpine’s general framework, the rally version of the Alpine A110 incorporates the lightweight and agile aluminium chassis of the Alpine A110 GT4 and Cup, derived from the production model.

As Alpine takes forward steps in its long-term plan, the premium sports car manufacturer also announced the limited-edition A110 Légende GT. The most refined interpretation of the A110 to date is unveiled alongside A110 Color Edition 2020 and Atelier Alpine.

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